Eligibility to travel across Schengen borders.
WARNING: Due to terrorism threats and the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, some countries like Germany, Sweden, Austria, Norway, and France have applied tighter checks on some of their borders.

Normally those eligible to travel across borders (i.e. EEA nationals and those with valid Schengen visas) should be able to do so but must expect a longer wait and bring all travel documents to prove eligibility (e.g. passport, Schengen visa) when transiting via land or sea until the situation abates.

Dear future Guests: Regarding your reservation if you require a confirmation letter for Visa requirements you will be asked to pay in full at the time of your booking, which is also set at a non-refundable rate.

Any questions feel free to message or call us. We operate 24 hours a day. We are open 365 days a year.

Contact: Dean Banks +370.613.98.231


Central Location

You could not be closer to the action while staying at Hostelgate while in Vilnius. Hostelgate is located in the historic part of Vilnius. Just outside The Gates of Dawn in the old-town. Get ready to explore.

Great Environment

What could be better when traveling the world, to stop off at a place like Hostelgate to unwind and gear-up for your next adventure. Hostelgate is the start and ending of your travel so book a room and start from here.

Equipped Kitchen

Hostelgate Backpackers has a spacious kitchen and all necessary equipment and access for lots of guests to prepare and eat a meal in comfort. Free tea and coffee. Prepare your cooking skills.

Aušros Vartų g. 17, Vilnius 01304