Services & Facilities

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Services & Facilities

Coffee and tea

We provides free tea in the kitchen area. There are refrigerator space for guests as well as cooking facilities to support your food independence.  


We have a kitchen with all the amenities. Pots, pans, cups and utensils for your usage. There is space for 25+ people to eat in the kitchen area, but if needed we have the common area less than 5 meters away. 


Hang out in the common area and just chill, or you can watch a movie on the big screen television or play foosball. Its also cool to read and talk with friends. 

Free wifi

We know how important it is to have access to internet when you travel. Its also important to have steady access. Nobody wants to be on a WIFI which goes on and off. We promise to provide the best quality WIFI in Lithaunia. 

Free lockers

Its important to keep your personal material safe while at Hostelgate so all guest are provided with a lock and a lock-shelf in order to store your important material. If you have larger things which need to be stored, asked the staff and we will store it in our locked room. 

Computers area

We understand that everyone travels with their own computer, but if you need to use a computer, we have one available for our guest. You can go online, print documents or just cool off online or watch a movie. We got you!



Within the Hostelgate, we have a sauna which fits up to four people at a time. You can rent the sauna for 30 minutes at a time and the experience will be worth the money. 

City Tours

One of the best ways to learn about the city is during a city tour. We have tours throughout the country. Let Hostelgate arrange your trip around the city. We are sure you will enjoy your tour. 

Showers & Bathrooms

Every Hostel has showers and bathrooms, but Hostelgate has many more than usual. We have eight separate bathrooms for our guest which means you can almost always find an empty bathroom for use. 

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